In some people, Policemen have a bad image because some of the Police doing a dirty job. But these Policemen in Mandaluyong are very helpful on their fellow man and restored my faith in humanity.

While these Mandaluyong Policemen are operating a checkpoint with Capt. Antonio M. Galauran Jr there is a Nigerian national that seeking for help, this Nigerian is a student named Derek Mba, 22 years old.

Derek ask Capt. Galauran if he can help him to get to United Church of Christ at Quezon City because he got no money to pay the fare for transporation.

The Capt immediately helped the boy and ask for his comrades to contribute any amount of money that they can give.

Before they let the boy go they also fed him in the nearest food stall out of their pocket so that the money that they gave to boy can be fully used on his way to Quezon City.